SMM panels are marketplaces for SMM services such as likes, followers, comments, views etc. for social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube. These services are made by coders and software engineers - who either directly sell (i.e. the maker of the services is directly selling his/her product) or through resellers, people who have gotten permission from the maker to sell their services.

While direct sellers are outnumbered by the resellers, it is nothing to worry about. Direct sellers are more concerned about developing a working product and keeping with social media algorithms. If the product is good, it will sell itself! And resellers will get permission from a direct seller to resell. They will set up a website and list all the services they have and customers can choose from this selection. One thing to note is - one can resell the services of a reseller by gaining the permission of the reseller. All these are connected through APIs. As for the panel itself, one can either set up their own website or buy a cheap smm panel.